I have never liked sundays or any kind of day off. I have never cared for them. It’s not that I like my work too much. Mostly it does cover my days that’s why perhaps. These rented rooms with white sheets and too many furnitures and a corrupted television…I hated them. No work…living on the cigarettes and beers… masterbation like self molestation… whirling rusted fans…yeah that’s the most of my vacant days. 

So that day the air around the room got fuzzy and transparent. A headache was all there in my body…I couldn’t even get depressed and get drunk. I needed to go outside and long stroll down the streets, perhaps to a bar or a pub for cheap whiskey. 

A rush of a blunt coloured lights…that’s all I got at the face of that evening. A long thick crowd whipping across the mellow dust. Working men with hot wives or not so hot wives, working wives, dying wives…so many wives, so many banalities of men.I have never thought of becoming one of them…i don’t take pride of that but I am not for that perhaps. Conflictions all around the timid city and false effervescence in men and women. I have got a rented room but this evening fallacy was getting into my nerve more than that.

Two parallel streets belonged to the city…one for the men with flying money and other for filths and unprecedented. I shifted to the dark alleyes…no rough lights, no eyes with drenched smiles, but here you could smell of so many things… rotten skins, humming of derailed children, women with blazing cleavages by the window…and eyes you can’t see through. I needed to sit on a bench…a torned man was there. I tried to gaze him but he could be anyone…a murderer, a rape victim, a beautiful artist or simply a fellow disoriented traveller. ‘hey man do you have any cigarettes?’ ‘yeah sure…here.’ I gave him one and we both drank the moon in silence. He went to his dusts and his stone house after that and I needed something to drink, but I liked that bench and I sat there for couple of more hours with my feet up. ‘yeah let’s get the hell out of here…I don’t belong here too.’