I am going for the stars. 

Ooo baby I am going for the stars, 

Jet fuels in my blood and parachute in my bag…

Remember you said I look like a fire in the horizon when I think about you…

well I am the bonfire now with nothing but tinfoil all around me. 

There’s a free fall over this boneless clouds, 

and I am gonna be my barbaric best for some minutes among these forgiven voids. 

Perhaps it was a Sunday when we were wondering on our beam through the eyes and wandering through the obscure theater. 

We lasted with beats of a rock and roll…we fucked over the chords of a country song in blinking and echoing nights. 

All these will be in my mind…I would storm through the descending creations and frozen memories, 

I am gonna bamboozle the death with the parchute of our times, 

don’t worry baby I am gonna do it. 

Shackles babe, shackles…let those burn with the winds of a hummingbird…

I will wait for you with a significant cigarette between my lips and Lennon by my side.