That red coloured fluorescent bulb, 

the top of which is encircled by rotten dirt. 

You are giving your everything to make that girl moan on ecstacy. 

That rusted half broken iron bed knows it, so as that polluted air around you. 

The ancient animal instinct in you. 

Oh! Wait, what’s that tranquil dark shapeless thing behind?

No, no, you are falling inside that, you are going into that lifeless darkness. 

Why can’t you consider the possibility that the star from the other side of this universe knows gravity and women more than you. 

It’s like that music which you don’t know but it never stop playing inside your head, psychedelic. 

She is going to sleep, she is getting into a corpse, oh! Crap. 

Touch her breasts, give her more pain, close ur eyes and look at that bearded man smiling and cursing sitting under the starless sky. 

You are that same fucking idiot, crawling through this meaty corpse to sit under that same sky. 

Green, yellow, purple your fantasy. 

You are black and grey.