Crushing red petals with insomnia driven lacquering entity, 

she was.

I couldn’t touch my penis on that sacred,imperishable void today, 

and I wouldn’t. 

Perpetuity breaks with a sexuality driven momentary touch, 

eyes painted with black shyness…closing…opening… closing…

And you say that’s worthy of my filthy inebriating touch. 

Suck this smoke babe…for a change suck this smoke…phailicc satisfactions can wait for another day. 

Poet is on a break…for the love of this God please take those poems too, 

motherfuckers can’t even let me drink and smoke and musterbate and lick her sweaty dispositions. 

Molecules entering through the white, smudging finger, 

oh babe…let’s kill each other with the swirl of conviviality and fire like fuck through the far end of our existence.