The showman enters.
He has feathers on his hat.
The showman pauses a little,
the mic trembles.
He is a man working for smiles
and he knows death.
He sees death from a tribe of mistimed horror.
But he doesn’t want to die.
He doesn’t want to go down that lane…
the last thing the man wants is the fading of this fear…
The light shows the faces,
the eyes that go through the bones and particles.
Alway…always a circle completes.
The lap remains,the race ends.
The man has a woman that he finds at night…
He burns the castle and declares faith in sex.
The showman shows a mockery and he knows the conscience of people doesn’t give freedom in their annoyance.
That’s the stage… that’s the camp.
The show completes to a darkness.
The confusion is the place where he wins.