First figure (sitting on a wall with his feet hanging, in the air): Hey man…
Second figure (strolling through the open road, following the lampposts): Hey!!!
Figure 1: Where are you going? There’s nothing that way…only some old pines and a crime infested pub.
Figure 2: Oh! I didn’t know that. But who are you and why you are here? Let me see…I can’t see you.
Figure 1: You have to come out of lights to see me. I am here only, go outside that perimeter of circled illumination.
Figure 2: I see, yes now I see you. Hey, you seem lost too…
Figure 1(smiling): Yeah, it’s a long day and I am only to start…but why are you lost?
Figure 2: I don’t know man…the last thing I remember was some of the best blues and empty glasses and freezing smoke in a yellow room.
Figure 1: So there’s a chance that you are lost inside your mind… don’t you think so?
Figure 2: Well it can be, it’s just that I haven’t thought that way. Even if it is…I like empty roads and parallel lines of blurred lights and the burnt smell of a city which is submerged in its existential history.
Figure 1: Come this way, it’s better here. These bricks you see have seen so many changes, so many travelers, so many poets, so many traditionalists, so many deaths which happen in the presence of everybody. Come, sit with me.
Figure 2: I can escape you, can I?
Figure 1: No.
Figure 2: There’s still hope in me, there’s still life; left to live…I don’t want this to be the end.
Figure 1: Having hope has nothing to do with walking up to a friend and have a good chat about old times and old ways of decaying. Nothing will end here.
Figure 2: Okay. Give me your hands…this is a steep height.
Figure 1: Here.
Figure 2: Yes. Wait…what’s all around…why is everything dissolved around here? That’s me on my first time on a tree, that’s my school, those are friends, that’s the first kiss, there’s the person I left while leaving the college, that’s all me…
Figure 1: Yes. It’s all you. Now sit and enjoy the aesthetics of your every small failures and every small processes of evolvement. It’s you inside an anomaly where you will still live after death but with the memory of it.


Photograph: Martin Liew.