You are sleeping through my open road.
My fingers through your hairs,
it feels like a drying ocean.
My eyes are fossils now, they don’t bleed…they don’t waste salt waters on relentless evolvement.
I was impotent when it comes to satisfy your humble togetherness.
Don’t get me wrong…you were always a good fuck…you still are,
but you remained silent whenever I peeled myself and gave you a bleeding disarmed man.
We have walked by the ocean and still there was no drunk confessions in our eyes…
You looked like a mad swan in her blue feathers but your eyes were motionless,
you never imagined a intercourse in times of burning waters.
Now you are snoozing by my side with your blossomed ass,
there’s reincarnation in your asshole…
But darling I have always wanted to die in your thoughts and be reinvented by your madness and your finest melancholic art.