The act of doing a same thing over and over again just for perfection; despise me.
Don’t do that.
Make mistakes, make more mistakes than making the right ones.
Learn to uncap beer bottles in many different ways…that’s important,
that’s creativity at it’s best.
Imagine a world where everybody is made from same mould…
It would have been like a constant horror movie.
And I have seen the leeches…poets, thinkers, believers, educated swines all doing nothing…just trying to make a perfect world where as it has always been perfect in it’s own way.
I like the raw ones…the people who works all day with yellow eyes and stinking mouths…the ones who can sleep anywhere, the ones who are more inclined towards the addiction rather than the brand of it.
They make mistakes, they make horrible mistakes,
but remember they aren’t one of those.