As long as there will be infants making freedom out of rained potholes,
I am going to stay here in this bench and smoke and watch this sea of people getting defeated by waves.
I am here all through the afternoon. I have work but I prefer here; not doing something thousands of times for perfection.
All happening in monochrome…the scenario is all in black and white…
tagged along relentless rain.
The coldness in arms, Idiocracy in love and anonymity in creation…
all we have.
There’s a liquor store by the desolated street,
a long queue in front of it…
I am going to wait for it to be cleared.
There’s no harm in waiting from things that delivers profound madness.
These kids know how to keep people engaged in their rattling legs,
I am going to wait here and I am going to see them getting old with the mounting potholes…
I know as our prophet said, “have no fear for atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time.”