Just to be wet in rain of thousands waters
the streetlights have undressed themselves today after getting radiant through the mist.
There’s Gary Moore in my music station
making the far away lone tree oscillate in floating current.
All I wanted to be is a naked lover for every women of this city,
dwelling along the melodies of traffics.
I have my raincoat hanging by the cloudy walls…
There are a mouth organ in one pocket and a hungry knife in other.
I am going to get into this pouring night and play that organ for every women with nothing but sizzling skin up to their cracks filled with adhesives,
and then I am going to make them one bloomed tree by this bloody knife.
The last cigarette burning through the shadows of my virgin hands…
I will make a rainforest in this foggy city…and one day I am going to sleep where all the fierce roots coincide.