You will get many such examples where someone is remembered for a single cinema or a single masterpiece of painting or one genius composition of music or even a single piece of breathtaking novel, but you will never see someone is in people’s mind just for writing one heck of a poem. You see the way of your life can’t be populist, you can’t pick one day of your life which has made you the person you are today. It’s stretched…it’s vulnerable towards population.It doesn’t seek one highest point in a mountain range, the whole uncertainty of this terrene is it’s bed of immortal blossoms. 

Everyone writes their own poems…the fruit vendor, the old hard labour, the financial broker, the soldier, the fierce lover, the mathematician… everyone. This boundless possibilities and boundless numbers of combinations to calculate the infinity…that’s what makes poems remembered. 

You don’t write poems as an individual you are part of this long chained procession called the expressions of your existence.