I can see some drenched clouds over my roof, 

they have brought those days of fool’s roaming. 

A lady in my front door is asking me to come inside and make her higher in reality,

she is my python. 

She turns and I can see her baffled ass. 

She is one satirical snake of paranoia. 

I have seen too many of springs to be abducted by a bohemian afternoon. 

But she tries…she tries…she tries, 

she will win one day. 

She will take me inside her…and she will crunch my bones, 

there will be a sudden death for me while giving her a nebula of orgasm. 

Once she took away one of my poem…

What a stupid woman…she doesn’t know all of these pages are filled from her midnight moans, 

my twisted and cold inspiration.

I say we should come together in a night of full moon, 

she can take me then, 

She can suck as many words as she want from me that night. 

She will have to wait for it.