I went for a rollercoaster with my girl, 

She wore her most beautiful dress. 

I could see her shaped knee…her breasts…her waving brown hairs, 

her amicable eyes. 

I wasn’t afraid,there was no fear left, 

I wasn’t compassionate, 

she knew it. 

We went high…we went over ancient trees…we went over psychedelics, 

and she was holding my hands all the way, to make me feel like a ruthless pirate. 

we were in vertical fantasies. 

Then I saw him. 

A boy, holding the thumb of his father, 

a infinity of symphonies inside him, 

a little hummingbird. 

All purple in his eyes. 

He made me remember something, 

a creature from good old rock and roll times, 

an afternoon of creamy childhood, 

a rented house with water dropping from it’s roof. 

I was seen through. 

Then and there I decided to not stop this rollercoaster ever, from this floating musical.