5 am in the morning, 

streets are empty, although it has always been empty for me. 

Tired and misused street lamps are hanging from their necks. 

You have to feel the tranquility here…it has been made to make you feel Oblivion. 

Every man and woman have finished their starry affairs…

they are sleeping, they are dreaming of an broken glass bowl. 

You need to get loose in these empty streets. 

Light a cigarette and wait for the first yellow from the eyes of these skyscrapers. 

There are some homeless beautiful souls, feeling the chill… filling the serenity…

just look at them sleeping with patched quivering eyes, 

they are making it more real. 

And After all these, you will see smokes over cups little by little,

Crowds starting their staged days…

But remember that 5 am, 

remember how every clocks of this city stopped for a while…only for you…they stopped for a while. 

They always stop for somebody who is hunting for existence.

They always stop for someone who is going to his mother.