From the very first night of my isolation I have realized that science and arts are basically same things. One makes everything simple and other makes everything beautiful. You have to grasp a hell lot of distant mazes to be in their company. Look up to sky and find anomalies…find the floating gravities…and find the pallets of every black holes there is…this man has done nothing different than this. A drunk explorer…sucking the banalities out of oceans. Wheelchairs can fly too…perhaps not having the wings is the best way to fly above the out casting forces. I am quite sure he would live inside the singularities and the eyes of every lone kids while going through relativity. I guess in fourth dimensions today, one of the deepest grave has been digged on time-body. One blue rainy nights he must have invented the thought that immortality is less fun. So be it man…have it your way. This world will see your lantern from all through the watchtowers.