Cause there’s still trillions of polished chords out there to be strummed against a broken ‘fire in the hole’…that’s why. 

Cause there’s still millions of kids paint green leaves and rampant suns…that’s why. 

Cause I still see at nights with the storm of death moon sucking the air out of the flagged monarchs…that’s why. 

Cause someone called Jeff Buckley once flirted with gravity and isolation to bring ‘Hallelujah’, and still it manufactures dreams for brown vulnerable eyes…that’s why. 

That’s why despair humming of cities gets diluted with a folk night of barbaric love. 

That’s why a stroke of a brush can keep the light to it’s eyes. 

That’s why the molecules between our two lips are there. 

Ah! a fun fact, 250 billions of galaxies… and we get the one with Floyd.