I have seen rivers committing murders at night. 

Black smoke swirls over the rooftops of every wasted buildings. 

They are there for the planets, for the lost comets, 

and people in there living in nostalgia, eating chicken and sucking each other for the serene erection…

marrying the ones they have never known…

Saying ‘hi’ to strangers and eaten alive by conflictions…

All of them rescue themselves by the river. 

It grows apart, 

It collects curtains for funerals, 

Drown in anger, drown in empathy…drown in the processions of mammals.

The river it is then, the shooting of a cultural web then, the murder of the magnificent dusts then, 

I have seen them all. 

I have seen that circle that gets bigger and gets hungrier…

I think of the river now and then.