A white whale goes deep, for he has no one to look up to. 

His old folks never taught him how to be arrogant for this gargantuan aura he carries around with himself. 

His pals are pale as the molecules of these fractured lights. 

His sweetheart is long gone, wasted, petrified with these moored waters. 

He goes deep, 

There’s a sleep, 

He goes deep. 

His home is a maze of peculiarities and false nostalgia. 

These blue sheets of waters crumbling for his ripple, 

These waves bowed down for his swift demolition, 

He feeds on them. 

But he goes deep. 

He will live for ages to come, he will slother millions of infinities, he will blow out his brain for a ocean of suns…

But he will live deep, 

There’s a sleep.