An ant against a boot or an ant trapped inside an upside down beer mug. 

Okay, an experiment inside a triggered room. 

Take a mug and find a jumping and swelling and masterbating ant, gurgling in life. 

Now take the ant and trap it inside this mug with a little bit of howling oxygen and an utopic endeavor inside. 

A fascinating little circus inside your damned filthy place.  

There’s a city full of ants and these glass monotony; humming the residual of everything. 

Sky is rectangular there, silicon phenomenon, love under the digital oaths.

Now an ant floating with raging blood and flying with infuriating desolation, 

Going all the way…going all the way…going all the way…

And BAM…

A boot for it’s fucking guts. 

Now you tell me what’s poetic…a glass or a boot?