A man drinks with music and a disgusted window pane. 

every night, 

every god-damned night. 

He drinks to not kill all the noses at his work place, 

and eventually not to kill himself. 

He drinks for the smudged mascaras of his woman, he drinks for the broken vases, for the flowers with moon inside their womb creating the havoc on the floor. 

He lives drunk, he loves drunk, he swims in the evening drunk…his silences and words are drunk. 

Every night he let himself loose in the warm city; still recovering from all the soggy pearls of wisdom and bullshits, 

and shares a beer with homeless, worry less men and women,

there’s no black or brown or green or pink in their eyes…only whites; whites of bodacious guts. 

And that’s the closest to the spirituality he can ever get with those uninterrupted smiles with homeless fuckers.