As I went round the liquer shop; into the manipulative alleyes of the city, 

I spotted her, 

a serene dinosaur, 

rippling through the mad land of cracks and annihilation. 

She needed to be patted…like a foul owl. 

There was a rebellious black in her yellow eyes. 

She came with me…she howled for the void…she danced in memories of her forefathers,

and she slept…as I continue drinking and swearing for no reasons. 

I kept my eyes locked with the blue velvets of the pixels of this wired computer screen…and I slept with the dreams of neverlands. 

Time stands for you when you don’t need it to be stranded…time stopped for me…

The eloquent brightness was all over the place…as I kicked open my eyes, 

my beautiful dinosaur was gone with her gargantuan and cabalistic aura. 

She was gone for good…she was gone to be the mistress of yellow land. 

But she left her tail for me, she left it with the whirling possibility to be in the creation for me. 

I took it…I looked at it…and I thanked my solidarity for these unprecedented gifts…

I needed to write her in a ecstatic flash.