You should have never left your memories for me; my love, 

There’s blurr liquid in my chest…you knew that.

Memories and faces aren’t safe with me, 

I am circling around these muddy places with live dust and bones. 

With nights I can’t quantify my vulnerabilities…I go up the roof and try to find you in every god forbid spec of light through panorama. 

There’s a place somewhere I can completely sucked out by the love of your vagina…I have dreamed of that during a lullaby, 

Lullabies of people who are tired of having sex and smoke and a pinch of swelling love. 

I can’t remember you now…with all the efforts, 

I can’t remember you, there’s no twisted manipulation of time here…I can’t remember you, 

I think I had to take a snap of you on your draping eyelashes and falling breasts…

You fly away for me…fly…fly…fly to the continuum of this ocean, 

I will make sure to have no light houses of spongy lust and eternity by the shore.