I saw black between every space of every possible existances. 

Timid but howling through the gut to be kissed and drink with. 

With times of solitude you learn to pluck your lights from nowhere, 

So for the sake of acting upon my insanity and urban swarm i saw her. 

Smoking and making love with Sufi intensity…

Eyes against every god-damned wars, lips to be touched for blazing riots, 

naked for the world of insomniac misfits.

Those shouldn’t be another worthless hallucinations, those shouldn’t be another abominable winter mornings…

I care for only one walk of her with bare ass and smile of a megalomaniac tigress. 

I went all the way…only too far to gaze back my echoes of madness, 

There’s no cliched ‘rest in peace’ babe…

With the fall I would be reconciled with your revolting being.