Lot of things don’t make any sense,

my sitting on the incinerating surface of the Venus and listening to this somnolent melody coming out of nowhere. 

But it’s moulded with moroseness there, 


Raping every fossils of this creation. 

Numbness has it’s peculiar language to convey the turmoils within. 

I wonder what if, of all people i could ever attain that, 

my brain cells know about the guns and the tranquility after every bullets. 

Am I too vulnerable to do anything or even to think anything? 

I guess everyone is or isn’t. 

A month worth of laundry and a month worth of bus ride, 

living race only got these to dance through this aesthetic circus. 

Indifferent city smoking away the scrumptious craps, honey like violence…and smitten hallucinations. 

Thank you very much for this starless spell.