Baby blue, liberals blue, bedsheets blue, infants blue, 

my blue, yellow blue 

and rain green. 

Delirious me, blue patches on slogans and plays. 

Juvenile creations, eating and living 

and eating again. 

Breathed once, dead twice. 

Words for terrorised child and chopped love. 

Minced meat and promises, all we got is minced meats. 

Abandoned pubs but beer still cold, cracking songs on blue radio. 

Religion and penises leading;but the long que of vaginas making the springs and wanderings. 

Strings of humanity wooven by a naked soul, 

and colonial dictatorship sharpening the wires.  

Pastries amidst the corpses and missiles. 

Fool’s theatre everywhere. 

all blue, no purple, no pink, no vacant colours.

I condemn my living with grievance. I won’t sleep for the next light-year.