Pink lollipop with it’s lost identity, 

and a funny embryonic rain, pouring and cursing;pouring and cursing. 

Wet shoes, floral umbrellas and some water soaked ciggerate butts. 

Puberty stricken people on their last journey of the day or the lifetime. 

Utopic melancholia all around; all around and every missing corner. 

Melodramatic red dress, smudged eyelashes,

and there she was.

The mayhem, my revolution, the words of my poems. 

Alter ego crying and pleading the hell out of my existence. 

Sucked me away, she.

Irredeemable blood stain just three inches left to my chest button.  

Well the rest was not as the cliché goes. 

Woods from the other side called, and yes….just called.