Oh girl, this world whirls more frantically than the curves of your pragmatic ass. 

Have you ever seen how the light from one’s eyes escape the real holes and start swimming towards immortal? 

I guess a cynic has. 

Sweetheart a love bite can wait but not the sweet little waltz against the civilization. 

Not a waltz? Then how about a hard hitting poem mixed with the taste of whiskey. 

Fairytale masterbation doesn’t showcase the savagery of a child’s rape. 

Still this world goes round and round around a mythical bullshit. 

I once cried babe, cried my heart out for this abstractness of human paranoia. 

My soul surely knows by now that divinity has nothing to do with these obsessing craps. 

Wait for me till I find that box of everything. 

And just so you know loving you was never so easy amidst those sounds of catastrophic cries.