First of all spare my audacity to write something about your work. I would rather sink inside your creation for the zillionth of time than writing this.But I think you have rescued me and made me transcend to a flawless creation so many times, that a small, immature thank you won’t harm anything.  

       Well upto a certain time I didn’t have any notion about how a song, a poem, a novel, a painting or a film can influence someone to such an extent that, it completely changes that person’s journey towards the immortality. Living life with open eyes and living life with awakened eyes are poles apart from each other. One fine evening one of my friend from college played a song with a guitar by side and believe you me I was on my knees to that song, it named ‘jatiswar’. And that was my first encounter to the Pandora’s box that was about to be opened. 

…..যতবার তুমি জননী হয়েছ ততবার আমি পিতা/ কত সন্তান জালাল প্রেয়সী তোমার আমার চিতা…. ( every time you were blessed with motherhood I was honoured with the patriarch/ sweetheart I can’t tell how many of our shavers have iterated the tradition of setting our carcasses on fire.) 

Even if you stopped writing after these two lines world would have remembered you for ages. After that evening; ‘ tomake chai’, ‘ ganwala’, ‘khodar kasam jaan’, ‘petkati chandial’ and many more songs just completely caught me off guard with their rawness and rage. I was experiencing the turbulence of a thunderstorm, I was starting to realize the idea of any creation. 

Now, once you said that “song is a political statement”, true. We have seen the blood stains of the partition in your songs, we have seen the utter political chaos in Bengal during the Naxalite movement in your songs. Racism, religious outrages has always been kicked right in their butt by your words. You have seen people as they are supposed to be, you have showed this country the art of practicing love and barricade each other with nothing but kisses.

Thank you for all those creations sir and thank you for awakening my mind and my eyes. We, the Bengali community never miss a chance to showcase our rich cultural heritage to others, but what’s the point of having that if we don’t encourage the changes. The moment someone try to create something new, something that is against the pillers of our establishment we just outcast them. It’s a shame that a musical genius like you never got the due recognition in our country. 

I dont believe that any creation or any form of art can change an entire nation. But people, listen to the songs like ‘hal cherona bandhu’, ‘dos foot by dos foot’, you may find the peace, the understanding and the acceptance this world needs right now. I just want to end it with two lines from your song ‘ami chai’ …

…..আমি চাই হিন্দু নেতার সালমা খাতুন পুত্রবধূ/ আমি চাই ধর্ম বলতে মানুষ বুঝবে মানুষ শুধু…( I want salma khatun as the daughter-in-law of a Hindu leader/ I want people to realize that no religion is above humanity). 

Now roll a joint and plug in your headphone people.