Approaching footsteps of men from the distance, 

You know what should we do? We should all get naked and burn our clothes like prodigal establishment. 

They will burn down the libraries, they will move the immovable silence and they will eventually get to the core impeccable strength. 

But we all will stand naked by the shore, reflecting the naked sun and the naked moon from this humanity. 

That girl’s naked breast will save us from the blasts of civilization. 

We will show them our naked love, our naked empathy and our naked fire. 

Our glimmering or wrinkled skin will dictate us in front of the barrel of the guns. 

And you don’t worry my love, I will always carry you inside my hollow chamber of revolution in that testing time. 

Together we all will rise above the utopia of mankind and we will touch our naked soul and get lost in the horizon of this universe. 

Let us all join hands in our last song of pride and acceptance. 

Our naked shape will soon engage in world’s last war. 

A silent, bloodless war through nakedness.