I see a glimmering red stage, I see myself, waving the chords. a visible crowd getting mad, getting high on me. Moon’s light flickering, people are flickering, my veins flickering. 

I see a ocean. Blue, big, growling from ancient pride. I see a pen, a paper and I see poetry in motion. I see myself flying with transient dusts. I see words coming to me to get their lover’s arms. 

And I see you. Waving at me, smiling, glittering and all. My lips touching, honey kissing your lips. I see you in between my ribs, hiding your hair, your love. I see the ocean and you reflecting each other on your self sustaining mirrors. 

“…….Her mind was tiffiny-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends. She got lots of pretty, pretty boys that she calls friends. How they dance in the courtyard sweet summer sweet. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget…….”  

How I wish I could see today’s smoke over the city, over my existence. Smoke from my cigarettes. The whole city is getting high, getting nomad for their catastrophic intervention in their own space. How I wish I could see today’s smile on my face, my songs getting lost inside your unknown scary obscurity. I wish I could see myself without the burden to keep your entity.  

I see the world closing eye on me. A cold sensation on my feet. I see myself throwing the pen up, up, up, and I sleep.