And all these times I thought only the far universe is limitless. 

Where it has always been your wounded womb and bleeding pathway. 

You have carried us naked, hold us naked and once in the presence of Moon you have made us sleep within you naked. 

Those cold dry pounding inside your vulnerability has made you ascend more curves.  

Animal stares, filthy fingers, groping psychology and rough penises.  

We have let you down.

Let me get a glass of water and hold your hand, let me find your shirts from this fractured world.

Your soul is not pragmatic let me touch this with pure passion and madness. 

Objectifying you is like trying to explain the eternity of a fool’s memory. 

I say love us, take us and most importantly forgive us as you always do.

Blessed are we who has been the creation from this intangible source of energy.  

I envy your humanity.