That was an intriguing story that I stopped reading midway.

A capable boy, an independent girl, a make believe crisis point…

Too good for my shallowness.

No work kind of made me lost and vulnerable. 

Surprisingly there was nothing in my mind in that afternoon. 

How I crave for those days when I would happily join in the chorus of nothingness. 

It’s in our blood to cut loose everything and worship nothing. 

Thousands of Suns through a yellow curtain and broken cigarette buds were giving my place an eccentric touch. 

I wished I could take that to my heaven. 

Was it an illusion, I felt in that mystic time?

I didn’t knew then but I do want to know now.  

Someone is knocking on my door to walk through my answers. 

No, this time it’s only a girl. 

Again a gripping something is taking me inside with them. 

But I want my answer here, I suppose only ‘nothing’ can give me that.