Some dry spicy peas, and suddenly I am like wait a minute, where have I tasted these before…

Yes I remember, it has made me transcend over physical space and time. 

A shy boy speeding through the virtual air keeping a moving window by his side. 

His only avarice is a pack of these dry peas. 

Who has penetrated the raw, green mind? Memories, all we dream of memories. 

A perfume here, a small Lane there, a pub, a beach, a well forgotten song. 

All these have successfully made us dance through our immortal funeral.  

A thin tube of life, all vaporized and poisoned. It’s simple science. 

We stand still while crossing the road, this time it’s crushing memories only. 

What is our birth right? A cold death or some mixed bag of memories? 

Or both? 

Answers are written all over the ‘noir’ life. 

Sleeping through the night naked, we have found each other. 

Good grace, all we got is good grace.

One day it will come for us all white and radiant, bloody transparent. 

Transporting history. Coward or heroic, but sure history. 

But till then let’s just count stars from our age old sky. 

A smile of past.