So the fish in the bowl jumped out of it and started flying outside the window. 

That’s strange, the water was so pure and it’s temperature was perfect. 

May be it was the quality of the glass bowl that made him do that. 

Is that why the rooms are made of bricks and concretes? To not test the gravity.

Look,the telephone is made of glass too.The television, the computer, the lights and sometimes even the notorious bed. 

All raping their own selves inside the glass monotony. 

Swim or fly, why can’t crawl or slouch? 

Blurred vision, fool’s memory and a sweeping pathway. 

All inside this glass bubble. 

Parameters are too little for the ocean’s smell, rain’s sexuality, air’s madness…..

Swim inside the maze or fly amidst the meaninglessness. 

Civilization of artistic cravings, but with no art and all crap. Where is sweet freedom mother?  

Next time go with two fishes, one red and one yellow, and perhaps a bigger bowl with some fake trees and ugly pebbles. 

And make sure that the windows are closed.

Create the bubble idiots.