Dear conflict

Writing something to you is a complete waste as I know you can’t go through this passage with a continuous stream of realization. But I will try, I will try only for the sake of your common alterations. I would really appreciate if you can finish this in one true sitting. I believe you haven’t slept from the dawn of our  break through as a species. Now give yourself a little bit of credit, which you hardly do. Look around you this beautiful or not so beautiful, whatever it is, it’s your never say die paranoia that has given the light. The fire within you has always given us the astonishing power to be more. Imagine what if we had stopped craving for you from the beginning. Isn’t every creation, every little relationships, every corner of this world is the child of your prophetical enlightenment? In spite of that your name is dragged in every self degrading, coward, sluggish perception. But hey don’t worry, I have seen it all, I have seen your midnight melody, your morning blues, everything;I have been on the other side of the woods. Just one little helpless pray, never ever leave us vacant and unworthy of anything, we need your heat. And I promise next time, atleast I will welcome you with a sweet little waltz. Don’t drink much, and come on, frustration is not your thing, you are way above all this. 

An useless addict.