Sometimes I want to go against the cold breeze on a smoggy winter evening. 

But I can’t find lights anywhere around; not from the head of the buildings or the roots of the trees. 

I find cats and dogs with dark faces. 

And I have always wanted lights, even if it come through the broken pieces. 

I don’t know which started first in their immortal infinite journey; is it time? Or is it light? 

I run across a quiet field and I can see how happily they are flowing, kissing each other’s neck. 

Greek mythology at world’s greatest stage. 

My fellow humans want to rip them apart and take the pieces for themselves. 

Isn’t it the cosmic harmony that initiated that enormous bang ?

No aura has the ability to enter through the self obsessing bullshit.

How I wish this place can be beyond every quantum perceptions of the time and the explosion. 

Perhaps then only we can look at someone’s shoulder flying above our heads.

If there is someone above with the sexiest beard and sitting crossed leg on a grey couch, please take the gravity and the meaningless space from our place. 

Let us fly high and drink whisky with nothing but togetherness in our heart. 

Let us be in complete darkness to get the search lights of this Galaxy shower upon us. 

Let’s keep our pen down for one last time.