You step outside your room and what do you see? 

You feel like going for a drink and sweep off your life but the first light of this world makes you cringe to your feet. 

You are going sponteniously to your dead end but the misery and the hysteria both getting the worst of you. 

Passion, emotions, feelings, excitations all are there, subdued under this raffling current of space and time.

Then why do you set the clock over your head every night? Tie your shoeless to the perfection and loose yourself amidst the crowd? 

Isn’t it to be loved a little more? 

Don’t you live a little more just to see those eyes of that girl from the bookshop or that child’s hopping road crossing or that old man’s mindless banter after couple of drinks one last time? 

Isn’t the meaning of life is to never find the meaning itself? 

The world has  allotted you with the space of your physicality, but what’s the space between two physical entity? 

That’s life I think. 

Can you think with how many people world has gifted you that space? 

It’s the smallest infinity you can ever imagine. 

Let me remind you, that space will not be there for you forever. Death is coming. 

Use it to open ur arms and touch as many people as you can. 

Bigger infinities are waiting for you.

Just blow away your life and fuck everything else.