I see everywhere and I see a spell. A spell of lies. 

It’s on that glittering lights, on those moving lives over the long expressway. 

I see lies on that boy’s smartphone, that girl’s beauty and that couple’s sex. 

Money, a beautiful truth. But what’s this business of looking money, smelling money and living money. 

I want to see a bird flying on a colourless sky, not because of the bird itself but for the whole canvas. 

And on that canvas I want a man opening his arms over a bridge and pretend to fly high. 

I envy that man.

I see man and women with paranoia and I have no problem with that but why the absolutes. 

Perhaps as a species we shouldn’t have touched some things from that old time, truth is one of those. 

We have moulded it and made it something like a structure to be shown everyday to everyone.

I fear for the day when the only things remained in this world will be love, smile, care, sex, family, high-rises, branded shoe shops, holidays, festivals and pretty other things. 

But without the truth.