This universe speaks to us in so different ways. 

Go to your terrace and look above your head, that infinite dark space full of blinking eyes, that is the God for you. 

Just wait, that space is going to explode only for you. The divine magic is going to happen on world’s most prolific stage. 

Just fill your heart with dreams and close your eyes and try to smell the explosion. The judgement day is coming. 

You have read my words now, feeling inspired, feeling blessed? 

Come closer to that wall of your room, no no literally come closer. 

Ok,now bang your head on it as hard as you can.

And die. 

There’s no fucking universe, you piece of shit. It’s you, only you. 

That thing above your head that’s fucking sky full of fucking useless blinking stars. 

Only explosion you are going to smell is your own stinking fart from your grandma ass. 

Don’t you get it? YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD.

That man working round the clock all day or that lady getting fucked everyday by strangers, just to feed their own families. They are the best gods this world deserves. 

Stop closing your eyes and praying and believing that everything will be a vanilla factory when you open it. 

And for the last time, stop reading this crap laying inside your cozy bed. 

Get out from your room, stumble upon the unknowns, fuck each other, and mostly do something to make your God rip apart your heart and howl in complete authority. 

I know you are still reading this, asshole.