Oh babe, you once asked me how much I loved you. 

But first thing first. 

Let me tell you a necessity, I musterbate a lot.

 On this girl once, on that girl once, sometimes in rainy hours, on you too. 

Like a vulture trying to finish as much dead meat as he can before the dry tree can sense his first leaf.

There’s this poetic satisfaction in that erection.

Like an ordinary melody trying to be the symphony way too fast.  

Over the years I have seen people living for only one sole reason, and that is to capture memory for future references. 

But after that weak pacific erotica comes the darkest hour. 

Then my love, no this girl, no that girl but only you give me the moments. 

Moments on every closing of your eyeshades, every waves on your hip and every drapes over your sweet breasts. 

I always wonder how deep can you get in just one jump into the sea. 

But on that moment u belong there inside the deepest me, not even touching my surface. 

I get up kissing you away. 

Go babe live your lies with this unanswered question.